Summer Camp starts right after school ends. Summer is approximately 10 weeks, or so.  Start your registration and get started! Summer registration starts as early as April with an Early Bird Special!
Please come and visit.

Summer 2018
Since school doesn't end till Thursday, May 31, our Summer Program will start on Monday, June 4, 2018, until the new school year starts. Friday, June 1 will be open for enrollment.
– AUSD (Alhambra) Summer Start on 6/4/18
– SGUSD (San Gabriel) Summer Start on 6/11/18
– LAUSD (Los Angeles) Schools Start on 6/11/18

We offer many courses and electives for students to learn and participate in, as well as weekly field trips.

–  Daily Language Arts, Reading and Reading Comprehension, and Math
–  Weekly Field trips (extra fee)
–  Weekly Arts & Crafts, Social Studies, Science, Speech & Debate, and Chinese (Mandarin)
–  Weekly extra electives (extra fees): Swim, Art, Basketball camp (spaces limited, need to pass tryouts), Engineering and Robotics (spaces limited, need to pass a test), and Piano
–  PSAT (at our other location, but you can sign up with us; open for 8th grade and up)